The Project

    The FORECEE research project aims to make individualised risk predictions for cancer available to women for the first time. By looking for molecular markers in cervical cells - taken from a regular smear test - we aim to predict the risk of women developing any one of four cancers: breast, cervical, endometrial and ovarian (the 4Cs).

    The project will run for four years from September 2015.

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    Project Consortium

    The FORECEE consortium is a collaboration of 13 academic institutions and SMEs in 8 countries across Europe. The project is coordinated by Professor Martin Widschwendter at University College London.

  • Take Part

    Six research clinics across Europe are working together to recruit research volunteers to take part in this ground-breaking new study investigating ways to prevent breast, cervical, endometrial and ovarian cancer.

    Samples from approximately 6000 healthy women and women who have already been identified to have a risk factor or one of the 4Cs are needed and we would like to encourage women to participate in this pioneering cancer research.

  • News & Interviews

    A series of interviews with team members about their contributions to the FORECEE project.

    June 2016: Research Update

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    02/2016: Integration of Genetic and Epigenetic Markers for Risk Stratification (Nora Pashayan et al, Editorial, Personalized Medicine) - View